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Business today moves really fast, and it's important to set yourself apart from the crowd. Here are a few ways you can do that with the effective use of promotional products:

Green Promotional Products

The fastest growing area of new ideas would be the green category. These are items are environmentally friendly in some way, whether it be made from renewable materials such as recycled plastics or wood or promotes greener habits in the user.

Green promotional items can be made of organic, natural or recycled materials and they can assist in the reduction of use of plastic bags or throw away items. Items such as canvas totes or metallic drink bottles promote environmentally considerate habits in the user.

Another type of promotional item that slides into the green category is gadgets that run on renewable power sources. These include calculators, thermometers, clocks, radios and torches. These items can be powered by motion, solar power and water.

Finally there are products that encourage better resource usage habits such as shower timers and green buttons that will switch your computer to energy saving mode.

Green promotional items are a great way to demonstrate that your company values environmentally sound items and habits.

Novelty Promotional Products

There are some incredibly innovative promotional items available today. Many of these ideas do fall into the green category but many also fall into the novelty category. Depending on your budget and your industry, why not consider some of these new trends in promotional products.

Photo Snow Globes - clear, plastic, water-filled domes that display a photo. This item is perfect for the desktop.

Novelty Car Air Fresheners - in any shape from the classic pine tree to a car or even your company logo. Hung on the rear vision mirror, these items have daily exposure and are a great idea for the motor industry.

Credit Card Flash Drives - sleek and lightweight, these small flash drives can be printed with any image you choose. This is a convenient and novelty item suitable for most industries.

Slippers - fluffy, toweling slip-on are perfect for the service industry and many other industries that want to associate their business with comfort, familiarity and warmth. Slippers can come in many fabrics and colors and can display your logo on the top of the foot for daily exposure.

Mints - tiny mints presented in metallic tins are the latest trend for promotional items. This item will be enjoyed by anyone. The tin can be re-used again and again if the design is subtle and attractive. Handy to keep in pockets and bags, mint tins are appropriate for almost any industry.

Lava Lamps - are a dynamic and unusual way to promote your brand. A lava lamp is a clever item because it works as a conversation piece for any business and can be displayed offices, homes and lobbies. Lava lamps are colorful and can even be filled with industry specific charms and glitter for that extra special touch.

If you don't feel that the traditional, conservative promotional product is right for your business, then why not try looking into one of these new and exciting ideas?

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